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We aren't going to waste your time - lets get straight to the point. A-list enterprise app customers are our bread and butter. Check our customer portfolio for more information.

If you are looking for a large, heavily customised app, give us a call today to discuss your app development requirements.

If you are thinking "There should be something I can buy that will do what I need" but haven't found it yet, check out our product called eFRS. eFRS is a point and click an enterpise app maker.  More information is available on the eFRS website www.efrs.io

Again if you aren't sure which way to go, please pick up the phone and we will gladly discuss your requirements.

Enterprise App Development

Timeframes & Delivery Costs

At Snappy Apps we pride ourselves on delivering iPhone and Android apps on time and on budget.

Our process ensures that all requirements are caught before development begins, and allows us to accurately estimate the amount of time required to deliver your app to the standards you expect.

Best of all, unlike other app developers, we don't charge for the consult or "strategizing" session, since it is a crucial part of the process that allows us to get to know the app you are building inside and out.

Indicative timeframes and costs are as follows

  • Enterprise grade directory app $15,000 - 6 Weeks
  • Enterprise grade forms app $5000+ / 3 MonthsYou may also be interested in eFRS
  • Enterprise grade safety app $5000-$10000 - 4-6 Weeks
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